Freelensing on Hampstead Heath

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day, and having spend most of cooped up indoors doing various chores it was great to get out for an evening stroll with my girlfriend and a friend of ours.

The Heath is always a great place for trying out new photographic techniques, and with my first official wedding shoot just around the corner I thought now might be the time to get practicing.

The photographers out there may have come across freelensing before, but for those who haven’t, it’s a simple way to modify the focus plane so to create effects where specific areas of the image can be thrown far out of focus. Check out Sam Hurd’s piece on the technique.

Thanks to Liz for modelling.

Print Run Almost Done…

Had a great time printing mine and Liz‘ print run today, but in the process realised that the images were nowhere to be found online; this blog was set up since their creation and I only featured ‘in-process’ images on my tumblr.

And so here they are! We’re pretty proud of them, they’ve been featured in a book and two exhibitions, and we’re proud to say they’re now (read: next couple of days) available to buy as prints!

First Encounter
First Encounter
If There Is Magic...
If There Is Magic…

When I’ve got a little more time I shall try and write a post about how they were created, but for now have a look at my tumblr, which featured lots of the behind the scenes process, and this feature in Art & Science Journal which explains how the works came to happen… (Broad Vision!)

Rosina Andrews, The Guardian, Imperica and planning a print run with Liz Cowley…

Smoke Photography with Rosina Andrews
Smoke Photography with Rosina Andrews

Been a busy couple of days! 

Broad Vision has been getting a lot of publicity this last couple of days which is lovely; featured in the Guardian on Tuesday and on Imperica today. Great to translate the feeling of buzz in to print, the third cycle of the project is well under way, with my group looking in to digital steganography and the re-representation of image data in new and interesting ways. Looking forward to putting something together for our show at GV Art (23-30th May 2013).

Had a splendid shoot with musician Rosina Andrews last night (pictured above), my first using smoke canisters and direct flash, which was really enjoyable! Got some images that we were very happy with, but enjoyed it so much we may have to go back and do some more! Thanks to Tom Langley for his assistance.

And finally! Been planning a print run with Liz Cowley of our work from Broad Vision cycle 2, which is an interesting experience in itself. Currently looking at papers and print methods, and getting down to the nitty gritty of how to sign them! Really looking forward to getting them produced, if you’re interested in purchasing contact either Liz or myself.

Didn’t I have a dissertation to be getting on with…?