Print Run Almost Done…

First Encounter

Had a great time printing mine and Liz‘ print run today, but in the process realised that the images were nowhere to be found online; this blog was set up since their creation and I only featured ‘in-process’ images on my tumblr.

And so here they are! We’re pretty proud of them, they’ve been featured in a book and two exhibitions, and we’re proud to say they’re now (read: next couple of days) available to buy as prints!

First Encounter
First Encounter
If There Is Magic...
If There Is Magic…

When I’ve got a little more time I shall try and write a post about how they were created, but for now have a look at my tumblr, which featured lots of the behind the scenes process, and this feature in Art & Science Journal which explains how the works came to happen… (Broad Vision!)

Author: Danny Garside

Colour and Imaging Scientist, based in London, UK.

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