3D Clouds

Before Christmas I had the joy of working on a photographic project with photographer Thomas Langley, with the aim of creating stereoscopic (3D) imagery of clouds. 

Our final images, above, were pulled from an incredible video by film maker Dylan Wiehahn, shot during a flight from New Zealand to Australia.

We chose the approach of video still pulling as opposed to creating novel imagery for several reasons; as you can see above Wiehahn’s imagery is incredibly beautiful, and the likelihood of us being able to capture something comparable in the short time frame available was very slim. Coupled with that was the obvious expense involved, as much as we’d have loved to take a brief holiday during our autumn term of university and fly around the world once or twice, this option was a little kinder on the pocket! Next time though maybe…

And so we chose to test our theory with basic novel imagery shot from the ground, and then with stills from Wiehahn’s immaculate video, and here are the results! Best viewed with anaglyphic (old school red and blue) 3d glasses.

We also explored the possibility of creating 3D time lapse imagery which was really interesting, stay tuned…

Author: Danny Garside

Colour and Imaging Scientist, based in London, UK.

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